There are 3 packages of website build available, all of the offers are one off payments with no monthly fees or hidden charges. All content needs to be provided, I can offer advice on which content will get you higher ranks in search engines and can help you structure it to maximise the success of your site. I also provide complete hosting management with all packages and a level of design support as governed by the package you buy.
These packages are for small businesses and individuals who would like 5-30 pages within their website.

WordPress Install

This package is designed for people that just want a WordPress install and the knowledge how to use it. It is good for people that are already technically minded and happy to spend some time building their own site in the same way you would on any blog or website building service eg. squarespace, wix, etc… but with the benefit of your own domain name and support while you use it.

WordPress Install with design support

This package is for people that want to customise the finer points of their site and have more control over how it looks than the standard options. WordPress is totally open code so any changes you want to make can be done. I will be on hand to help with any difficulties and will offer quick and simple solutions to any problem.

Full Website design

This option is for people that would like a site hand built by me. We will have multiple design meetings where we discuss what image and ethos you would like your site to present. Then I will turn that into code form, consulting your opinion every step of the way. This is a one off build, I will teach you how to use WordPress to update your blog and make minor changes once the build is complete.

Large business’/ExtrasMy packages are designed with simplicity and value in mind. I charge £10 an hour for my services and a 5-20 page website will not incur any extra charges. If you feel you need a larger website or would like a shop these will charged extra on a case by case basis.

All amounts (work and price) will be agreed before work starts.

To give you an idea of costing, a 30 page website could take an extra 5 hours with the full website design package.

Shops require a heavy amount of coding and are priced accordingly. I will manage the integration with your site, so you just have to collect the money.10-30 item shops will take 5-10 hours at £10 an hour, depending on design requirements. Again all prices will be agreed before work starts.

Package Parts

Domain Name

I buy all my domain names from Prices range from £4 to £15 a year. The first payment is included in the price, then billed each year at the going rate. You will be informed of the expected annual recurring fee as soon as you register your interest. You are welcome to go to their site and see the prices for yourself.



All my sites are hosted at I host multiple sites on one package to reduce the cost for everyone. I also save monthly/weekly back-ups of your site (depending on your update frequency) and help you manage the security features on your site. This is a annual recurring fee of £35.


WordPress Install

I install WordPress via their famous 5 minute install.

wordpress-logo (1)


Technical Support

I will show you how to use WordPress and offer on-going support on ways to use it’s content management system effectively.

Design Support (£240)

I will offer on-going support on how you can change themes with html, how you can use CSS to make your site completely customisable and different coding tricks to get a completely unique and personalised site.

Full Website Design (£750)

I will completely design and build your site for you, you will not need to learn anything. We will have meetings to discuss how you would like your site to look and interact with your audience. Then I will build a prototype, showing you all additions and ideas along the way. Then we will meet again to finalise the design. Once you are happy the site is exactly the way you want it will be put on Google and your business will have a completely hand built web-front, powered by the most popular, user friendly content manager on the internet.

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